Here are the main publications of the team:

  • BOOK : Semantic Similarity from Natural Language and Ontology Analysis. Online Amazon
    Sébastien Harispe, Sylvie Ranwez, Stefan Janaqi, and Jacky Montmain. Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies, Graeme Hirst editor, Morgan & Claypool publishers, May 2015, Volume 8, Issue 1, 254 pages, 2015.
  • Fast and reliable inference of semantic clusters Online
    Nicolas Fiorini, Sébastien Harispe, Sylvie Ranwez, Jacky Montmain, Vincent Ranwez. Knowledge-Based Systems, Elsevier, Volume 111, 1 November 2016, pp. 133–143.
  • USI: a fast and accurate approach for conceptual document annotation. Online
    Nicolas Fiorini, Sylvie Ranwez, Jacky Montmain, Vincent Ranwez. BMC Bioinformatics, Volume 16, Issue 83, 14 March 2015.
  • An information theoretic approach to improve semantic similarity assessments across multiple ontologies.
    Montserrat Batet, Sébastien Harispe, Sylvie Ranwez, David Sánchez, Vincent Ranwez. Information Sciences, New Trend of Computational Intelligence in Human-Robot Interaction, Elsevier, Volume 283, pp. 197–210, 1 November 2014.
  • A framework for unifying ontology-based semantic similarity measures: A study in the biomedical domain.
    Sébastien Harispe, David Sánchez, Sylvie Ranwez, Stefan Janaqi, Jacky Montmain. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, Volume 48, Elsevier, pp. 38–53, April 2014.
  • The Semantic Measures Library and Toolkit: fast computation of semantic similarity and relatedness using biomedical ontologies.
    Sébastien Harispe, Sylvie Ranwez, Stefan Janaqi, Jacky Montmain. Oxford Bioinformatics 2013.
  • How ontology based information retrieval systems may benefit from lexical text analysis.
    Sylvie Ranwez, Benjamin Duthil, Mohameth François Sy, Jacky Montmain, Patrick Augereau, Vincent Ranwez. In “New Trends of Research in Ontologies and Lexical Resources”, chapter 11, pp. 209-230, Series: Theory and Applications of Natural Language Processing, Oltramari, Alessandro; Vossen, Piek; Qin, Lu; Hovy, Eduard (Eds.), Springer, ISBN 978-3-642-31781-1, February 2013.
  • A Unified Community Detection, Visualization and Analysis method.
    M. Crampes, M. Plantié. In Advanced Complex Systems, World Scientific Publishing,  Imperial College Press, 2014.
  • Subontology Extraction Using Hyponym and Hypernym Closure on is-a Directed Acyclic Graphs
    Vincent Ranwez, Sylvie Ranwez, Stefan Janaqi. In IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, volume 24, Issue 12, IEEE computer Society Digital Library, ISSN: 1041-4347, pp. 2288-2300, December 2012.
  • User Centered and Ontology Based Information Retrieval System for Life Sciences online Web site
    Mohameth-François Sy, Sylvie Ranwez, Jacky Montmain, Armelle Regnault, Michel Crampes, Vincent Ranwez. In BMC Bioinformatics, 13(Suppl 1):S4, 2012

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